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Vegas Move!

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It has been so long since I’ve posted anything!! This is just insane! Life has been crazy for us. Scott was offered an opportunity through work to pilot a program in a different state, so we moved! We had about a week’s notice to pick up everything and move to Las Vegas! For the past 3 weeks we’ve lived in a hotel while we waited for our apartment to be ready. Now we are finally unpacked (for the most part), have internet set up, and access to a full kitchen so life can finally get back to normal!

You have no idea how nice it is to have space, an actual computer, and an oven/stove. Honestly, I thought it’d be a piece of cake to keep healthy while living in a hotel but it was harder than I expected. We were fortunate to be in an extended stay with a fridge and a two-burner stove top, but we were so crammed which made it really hard to cook anything. How am I expected to chop veggies when I have zero counter space?! It was a frustrating time for sure.

We opted for a 2 queen room so that all four of us wouldn’t have to squeeze into one bed. I imagined the kids on one and Scott & I on the other. The reality? Scott in one, me in between both kids on the other… The kids were in a new environment and wanted constant cuddles to help them through it. Anytime I tried to sneak out to the other bed they immediately woke up. Seven o’clock bedtimes were impossible to enforce. And waking up early to get a work out in? never happened. I had good intentions though…

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Because I didn’t weight train at all, I did my best to pick “active” activities for me and the kids throughout the day (like the one pictured above). I suppose I could’ve done some hotel room workouts during this time, but I didn’t. I’m resuming my normal workout schedule now and am back to our normal family meals =)

I’m excited to share some healthy vacation style posts over the next couple weeks. Things like what meals you can make in a hotel room, easy snacks, road trip snacks, hotel room essentials, fun outdoor activities for families, fun ways to beat the heat, etc. so stay tuned!