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Affordable home gym must haves

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These affordable home gym must haves are basic supplies that you need to get in a good workout from home.

I prefer going to the gym, but when I first started working out I had to do it at home. These essentials were key and luckily, budget friendly.

Home Gym Must Haves

Essentials to add to your home gym so that you can get in a great workout!

Benefits of a home gym

The convenience has got to be the biggest benefit of working out at home. This is especially key for anyone who has a busy schedule.

After Farrah was born, I used my home gym to workout during the kids’ naps. I was able to get in a great workout with very limited space and equipment (shown above).

Another benefit would be for those who are beginners and may be nervous to step foot into a real gym. This is a great space to practice different exercises and really nail down the correct form. It is a great way to build the confidence to go to a gym. (The mirror I mentioned is perfect for practicing form!)

Affordability can be a benefit, but there is a small investment you need to make initially. However, you can just add equipment as you go. You don’t have to buy everything all at once. When I first started, all I had were a couple sets of free weights and I slowly added to my collection.

We recently built a garage gym, check out which equipment we stocked up on here!

How to make a home workout more challenging

When working out from home, you are a little limited in your equipment. Unless you have a full set of weights, you will have to get creative with your workouts to make them harder as time goes on.

This is where the loop bands I mentioned earlier come in handy. They add in extra resistance in addition to weights. You can also double up on loop bands.

Also, try adding in supersets and trisets and higher rep ranges. Another great tip is to be very deliberate with your reps. Go slow and controlled during each phase of the rep. Slowing down makes it a lot more challenging.

home gym with free weights, kettle bells, and balance balls