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Easy crock pot breakfast recipes for Christmas morning

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In need of a low fuss breakfast option for Christmas morning? Try these simple breakfast recipes that you can make in your crockpot so that you can enjoy your morning without hovering over a hot stove!

christmas morning breakfast casserole made in the crockpot

We’ve rounded up some delicious savory and sweet (whichever you prefer) breakfast ideas, sure to please even your most picky eaters.

Simplify things even further and grab yourself some crockpot liners making for a super easy clean up! Nobody wants to do be doing chores, dishes included, on the holidays.

Christmas morning breakfast tradition

I love the idea of having traditional meals on holidays– you know, ones that you make year after year. To me, they’re usually a little be more unique. Definitely not a meal I would make on any random Tuesday.

I’ve got our dinners all set in place, it’s breakfast that I struggle with. So these crockpot breakfast ideas will help us both out.

Savory or sweet breakfasts?

This list has them both! I love the idea of a sweet cinnamon roll or french toast casserole (both listed below) but I think I’m definitely more team savory. Especially considering there is always so much candy around Christmas.

the BEST Christmas breakfast recipes to make in your crockpot

Over 15 delicious breakfast ideas for you and your family to enjoy on Christmas without all the fuss cooking entails.

Which crockpot breakfast idea will you choose for Christmas morning?

With so many great options it’s hard to narrow it down. But one thing’s for sure, I am glad that with whichever option we end up going with, I won’t have to spend my morning cooking.