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Reese’s Stuffed Brownies

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Reese’s stuffed brownies are delicious, fudgy brownies with the peanut buttery goodness of Reese’s in every bite.

delicious fudgy brownies stuffed with reeses miniatures shown in a tall stack

For years I have been making these amazing (and super easy) Reeses stuffed brownies.

They are ALWAYS a hit! I love to bring them to my holiday parties, birthday parties, or family get togethers.

In fact, one time I made these for a class potluck and my professor literally stopped mid lecture to talk about how delicious they were and to ask me for the recipe.

I think I first learned about these 15 years ago from my freshman roommate. She made them in a very similar way but used Rolos instead of Reeses.

If you love Rolos, I definitely recommend giving that version a try.

I subbed in the Reese’s because I’m more of a peanut butter fan, but you can do either.

How to make Reese’s stuffed brownies:

a plate of delicious fudgy brownies stuffed with reeses miniatures

I know I can’t be the only one who actually prefers box mix brownies to homemade. Normally I am team homemade, but not for brownies.

For this recipe I always use Betty Crocker fudge brownie mix.

Now, normally I’m a Ghirardelli double chocolate girl, but I need these brownies extra fudgy.

I just follow the box directions exactly.

When the brownies are done, I immediately push unwrapped Reese’s miniatures into them. It’s that simple.

I try to space them apart so that there will be 1 Reese’s miniature in the middle of each brownie (after they’re cut).

** If you want to try these with homemade brownies, I like this brownie recipe from Chocolate with Grace.

How to cut brownies:

Joyful Homemaking says the secret to cutting perfect brownies is to use a plastic knife.

I never seem to have one of those on hand, but I found another way that works fine.

I just make sure they are cooled completely and even put them in the fridge to get them “cold” if I’m in a time crunch.

Then I use a silicone spatula to “cut” my brownies and works perfectly without sticking to the spatula at all.

I hope you enjoy these Reese’s stuffed brownies as much as we do!

Reeses Stuffed Brownies

reeses stuffed brownies

This super simple recipe is a crowd pleaser and the perfect chocolatey dessert to bring to a potluck or family gathering.


  • Betty Crocker Brownie Mix
  • Oil (as listed on box)
  • Eggs (as listed on box)
  • Water (as listed on box)
  • Reeses Miniatures


    1. Make brownies according to box mix directions
    2. Once removed from oven, press Reeses Miniatures into brownies. Spacing evenly.
    3. Let cool and serve!


For an 8x8 inch baking dish I did 4 Reeses per 4 rows. 

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