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Yogurt Parfait- 15 g protein!

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I was hesitant to share this recipe because I’ve done a yogurt parfait recipe on here before. It was good, super basic, but good. And to be honest, this one is similar. It also has yogurt & strawberries in it.

What sets this apart is that it is higher protein (a win for macro counters) and has chocolate granola!

I am OBSESSED with this granola, you guys. It’s the Archer Farms Double Chocolate Chunk Granola. It even has chocolate chunks mixed in there as well. 

This is a high protein yogurt parfait made with strawberries & chocolate chunk granola

How to get the protein up.

The key to getting this to be higher protein is the Greek yogurt. It’s a mix of Fage plain nonfat Greek yogurt and Activia vanilla yogurt.

Why mix them? Because Greek yogurt by itself isn’t the best. The combo of the two yogurts works really well. I like the Activia yogurt, but any yogurt can work in this recipe.

Some people add protein powder to their yogurt. I just don’t get this. It ruins it. I’ve tried it thinking it was a good idea. I had to force feed myself that yogurt, it was not worth it.

Perfect for Summer.

I love this high protein yogurt parfait for summertime. When Summer hits, I can’t be bothered with any food that’s warm. My meals consist of juicy mangoes, nectarines, Greek yogurt chicken salad, and these yogurt parfaits.

Yield: 1

High Protein Yogurt Parfait

High Protein Yogurt Parfait

This parfait uses a combination of yogurts to get a great taste & a great amount of protein. This is our go-to breakfast to meal prep for Summer


  • 80 g Fage Greek yogurt, plain nonfat
  • 4 oz Activia yogurt, vanilla
  • 30 g Archer Farms Double Chocolate Chunk Granola
  • 4 strawberries, cut up


  1. Mix the two yogurts together.
  2. Layer half the yogurt, followed by half the granola, & half the strawberries and then repeat.


Nutrition facts are brand specific. If you use different brands yours calories & macros will be different.

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 287Total Fat: 5.5gCarbohydrates: 46gFiber: 3gProtein: 15.6g
high protein yogurt parfait, perfect for meal prep. love that the chocolate & strawberry combo! macro friendly #iifym

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