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How to be consistent with diet and exercise

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Figuring out how to be consistent with diet and exercise can be one of the hardest parts of creating a healthy lifestyle. We start off really strong, then something throws us off and it feels like we have to start over.

woman with barbell on back about to reverse lunge in garage gym

Not to brag, but I have managed to stay consistent with a lot of my healthy lifestyle for years now. There are TWO very easy ways to achieve this, so let’s get into it!

Why aren’t we consistent?

The biggest culprit I see is that most people will take on too much all at once.

It’s an easy mistake. We get excited about this new person we want to become and overhaul our life. Unfortunately, it is just too much change.

Think baby steps. Focus on one small change at a time and make it specific.

No vague goals like “eat better” or “exercise more.”

What specifically do you want to change?

An example of a small goal to focus on might be to eat veggies at one meal each day or walk for 20 minutes daily.

Once that first small goal has become second nature, tack on another like “have a source of protein at every meal.”

Another goal might be to get to the gym daily and when that’s mastered, the next step might be to have a workout plan & train with intention each time.

These are all just examples of small goals, be sure to tailor yourself.

When we add a bunch of new daily habits all at once it can be overwhelming and hard to keep up with. This slow and steady approach allows you to focus entirely on one goal at a time until it becomes second nature.

Keep it enjoyable

This is my second tip. We see these fitness influencers and it is so tempting to want to emulate them, but your diet & exercise journey should reflect your own personality.

You don’t have to start weightlifting, if it’s not something you enjoy. You also don’t have to eat chicken & broccoli on repeat.

If you prefer to run, do that!

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I prefer Mexican food. The only way I could stay consistent with nutrition is by figuring out how to incorporate my favorite dishes in a healthier way, otherwise it would be just another fad diet that I’d eventually burn out from.

There is no one size fits all approach to diet & exercise. If you want to stay consistent and turn this into a healthy lifestyle, you have to customize it to your own unique likes.