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How to Stay Consistent

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Consistency is the only thing keeping you from your goals. Once you nail down how to stay consistent with diet and exercise, everything will start to fall into place.

girl holding medicine ball in the gym.

It is tempting to fall victim to the latest fad diet, but the truth is that real change takes time.

I’ve recently stumbled upon a great way to stay committed to your fitness goals. It’s ridiculously easy. Anyone can do it and stick to it every day.

I learned this technique from Grant Cardone’s book Be Obsessed or Be Average.

How to stay consistent:

All you need to do is come up with a few realistic fitness habits you can do every day as part of your daily routine that will contribute to your health goal.

So for example, my personal goal for the next 8 months is to build muscle.

Here are my realistic fitness habits:

  1. Drink a half gallon of water.
  2. Break a sweat.
  3. Hit my protein goal.
  4. Look at my vision board and repeat my goals.

These 4 things are easy. They are not overwhelming. They are not overly restrictive. They will not take up much of my day. But, they will help me hit my goals.

You are not limited to your realistic fitness habits. If I want to drink more water I can. If I want to make sure I hit all my macros every day, I can. But at the VERY LEAST I need to make sure I can check these 4 things off my to-do list for each day.

How to pick your realistic fitness habits

Focus on positives. Pick things you will do instead of things you won’t. For example, don’t pick something like “I will not ___.”

Narrow it down. Try to be specific with these. Avoid generalizations like “I will eat healthy.” Instead focus on a specific aspect of healthy eating you can make sure to do every day.

Be realistic. Obviously you want to pick things that aren’t too difficult to accomplish.

Make sure they align with your goals. If I decide I want to read a chapter in a book every night that’s a great habit to form, but it won’t get me to my fitness goals. Think, will doing this every day help me toward my end goal?

Pick things that can be flexible. Life is always changing. Your habits that you choose need to be flexible. If you can’t realistically get to the gym everyday, or know you might not if the weather’s bad one day, pick a different habit you can also do at home. I can break a sweat indoors too, so that’s why I chose it. If I skip the gym, I don’t have an excuse to miss my workout.

Forming habits is the easiest way to stay consistent and make diet & exercise a lifestyle change instead of just a fad. Let me know some of your new habits in the comments below!!