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How to eat more protein

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Protein is the hardest macro-nutrient for people to hit when they first start IIFYM. In fact, I always hear people ask for tips on how to eat more protein.

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It seems hard at first because the average person probably only consumes around 50 g a day, but when you start macros, your goal jumps to 100-120 g or so (depending on weight & goals).

It’s definitely an adjustment, but so critical if your goal is to lose fat, build muscle, or even just reduce sugar cravings.

There are so many benefits to getting in more protein even if you don’t track your food.

How to eat more protein:

meal plan
  1. Plan ahead. The first thing I would suggest is to never just eat on a whim. Plan your meals the day before or at the very least, the morning of. If you just eat whatever you feel like throughout the day without planning, there’s no way you’re hitting your macros perfect. You will end the day low on protein and probably over on fats & carbs.
  2. Prioritize protein. Protein should be the star of your meal planning. Decide on your protein source and add in your sides to complete each meal.
  3. Eat Protein at every meal. Every meal, even snacks. I always aim for at least 1 serving of protein per meal. Some meals I will have more than that, but I will never have a meal without protein. If you’re having fruit for a snack, pair it with some hard boiled egg whites. If your breakfast is protein free, modify it. You can use a high protein milk like Fairlife in your cereal or add protein powder to your oats.
  4. Up your portion size. The EASIEST way to make sure you hit your protein goals is just to up your portion size of your protein. This means if you’d normally have 3 ounces of chicken breast with dinner, have 4.5 ounces. If you’d normally have 2 eggs at breakfast, add in an extra egg white or two.
  5. And lastly, use protein powder. I’m saving this one for last, because it’s the least important tip. Protein powder is NOT a necessity. It is a tool to help you. A lot of people think that supplements are the only way to see success, but it’s just not true. Protein powder is there purely for convenience. And, it tastes good too. I love taking chocolate protein and making a chocolate almond butter and banana protein shake. It tastes like a treat. But, I am out of my favorite protein powder and haven’t restocked even though it’s been about a month. Using the tips I mentioned above, I have managed to consistently hit my protein goals WITHOUT protein powder. But, like I said, it can be pretty quick, convenient, & delicious to have around.
eat more protein

Those are some of our best tips on upping your intake. Our current protein staples in this house are: rotisserie chicken from Costco, Greek yogurt, and Protein Nut Milk.