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How to Get Back on Track with diet and exercise

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It is so important to know how to get back on track with diet and exercise because life is very unpredictable. There are so many things that can set us off our fitness path like birthdays, holidays, vacations, etc.

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Before I go over our tips, I just want to say that the biggest mistake you can make is to let one slip up derail your progress. Skipping a workout or eating something unhealthy does not have to ruin your whole week.

I also want you to know it is completely normal. I have never met a single person who has stayed on top of their diet & exercise 100% for an extended period of time.

Living a healthy lifestyle does not mean you are perfect all the time. It means you do your best to make healthy choices as often as you can. The sooner that we can all embrace that truth the better. 

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Nobody is perfect. Not even that fitness guru you stalk on Instagram. Luckily it’s becoming a lot more popular to talk about our imperfections on social media– even the Tone It Up girls have admitted to eating M&Ms and Ice Cream.

Failure doesn’t matter. How we respond to failure does. 

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How to get back on track after a binge

Don’t weigh yourself. This can be so discouraging especially since you’re probably hanging onto some water weight.

Just so you know, it would be really, really hard to gain 5 pounds from one cheat day. You would’ve had to eat a surplus of 17,500 calories. A SURPLUS. So, that’s in addition to the 2000 or so you already eat to maintain your weight. I don’t know anyone who could do that.

What I do know is this: carbs retain water. So, you eat more carbs than normal then you hold onto more water than normal. Excess sodium also leads to water weight. AND so does not drinking enough water. If you weigh yourself the days following a cheat day, chances are the scale went up because of water weight. Easy come, easy go so don’t freak out!

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Drink water. The best way to beat bloat is to drink lots of water. Check out our tips for drinking a gallon of water a day

Focus on nutrition immediately. The fact of the matter is what we eat effects how we feel. When I’m not eating right, I have less energy for the gym. Food is fuel.

focusing on proper nutrition immediately is a great way to get  back on track with weight loss & fitness goals! #weightloss #iifym

Eat 3 super foods a day. It’s such a simple goal that keeps me on track. Plus, when I get in my superfoods, I have more energy and am typically less bloated. Some of my favorite superfoods to incorporate daily are: chia seeds, black beans, cilantro, & tomatoes.

Plan ahead. For both diet and exercise. Figure out your meals a day in advance or even a week in advance if you have to. Also, go to the gym with a game plan– know which muscle group you are working, which exercises you will do, how many reps, & how many sets. 

Have a no excuses mindset. If the food you prepped spoiled and you have to order fast food, pick the healthiest item on the menu. If someones using the machine you want, find an alternate or do a different exercise while you wait them out. If you woke up late and couldn’t workout first thing in the morning, get a quick workout in that evening.

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how to get back on track with weight loss & fitness goals! #weightloss #iifym
how to get back on track with weight loss & fitness goals! #weightloss #iifym