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12 Benefits of Weightlifting

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There has been a shift. Lately it has become a lot trendier to lift weights, especially if you are a woman. I think that this is because of social media.

People love to share pictures of their workouts. Now we see that hardly anyone limits themselves to just cardio. It is awesome and so motivating to see updates in real time of various men and women lifting weights. I see these posts every day and then without even realizing it several months have passed and these instagrammers are now sharing before & afters. The results speak for themselves. The change that lifting weights can make to your body is just amazing. There are so many weightlifting perks. Lifting weights can make stronger, leaner, more confident and even curvier.

Of course cardio is important too. You can definitely lose weight through just cardio alone or even just diet alone, but you can’t fully transform your body without weights. You will at most, be a smaller version of yourself. I’ve done it. I’ve lost weight through diet and cardio and somehow looked almost exactly the same. Granted, I was smaller, I weighed less, but I was “skinny-fat” and left feeling like I still needed to diet. When I switched to weightlifting, I noticed several changes that I know are super common for weight lifters.

there are so many weightlifting perks! adding weightlifting to my workout routine is the best thing I ever did! seriously check out the benefits!

Weightlifting Benefits:

  1. It increases your metabolism.
  2. It builds strong bones.
  3. It helps you sleep better.
  4. It gives you more energy.
  5. It boosts your confidence.
  6. It burns more calories overtime (you can eat more!).
  7. It corrects bad posture by strengthening you back, core, and shoulders.
  8. It reduces stress.
  9. It makes you happier.
  10. It helps reduce fat.
  11. It can change your shape.
  12. It increases your sport performance.

How to Start:

If you are looking to begin weightlifting, I definitely recommend finding a program you like so that you go into the gym with a game plan. It is never a good idea to just “wing it” at the gym. If you don’t have a plan you most likely won’t have an effective workout and could just be wasting your time.

There are so many good programs out there. I personally love Strong Curves by Bret Contreras. He offers great total body workouts that are effective and can be done quickly. I personally saw a lot of progress following the Strong Curves program last Summer. Currently, I’ve switched to working out specific body parts (ex. leg day, back & biceps, etc.). But, Strong Curves was great when I didn’t have a lot of time and was newer to weightlifting.

Best of luck! Weightlifting is seriously the best! I have never felt stronger, more confident, or been able to eat as much as I can now while still making progress!

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there are so many weightlifting perks! adding weightlifting to my workout routine is the best thing I ever did! seriously check out the benefits!

Liv @ Healthy Liv

Wednesday 14th of February 2018

I totally agree about the trendiness of weightlifting spurred on by social media! I think it can be a mixed blessing (sometimes mixed messages) but I think that seeing other girls in the gym lifting (in person or on Insta) did help give me the confidence to start, which I'm really grateful for! These are great tips!!

Lexi @ That Fit Fam

Thursday 15th of February 2018

Thank you! Yes, watching other girls weightlift has been really inspiring for me as well! Weightlifting is where it's at!

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