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Best Halloween Books for Kids

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I know it’s early, but today I’m posting our go-to list of Halloween books for kids. Hopefully this gives you just enough time to stock up before October hits.

We actually love using this as a Halloween tradition. We read 1 Halloween book every night leading up to Halloween.

We do this for Christmas too. We’re also considering doing it for Thanksgiving, but there just aren’t as many great Thanksgiving books that we’ve found yet. If you have any family favorites, please comment them below so we can check them out!

31 of the best halloween books for kids! read one before bed each night in October for a fun family tradition!

Halloween is probably my kids’ FAVORITE holiday, especially my son. He loves all things spooky/monster related. So we have a lot of favorite Halloween books for kids (37 listed so far)! Hopefully you enjoy reading these!

As you go through the list you will notice some of these books are geared toward younger kids and some older. Our oldest is now 6, but we’ve been doing this tradition for a while so we’ve read books for nearly every age range now.

37 Halloween Books for Kids:

  1. The Monster at the End of This Book
  2. Pete the Cat: Five Little Pumpkins
  3. The Night Before Halloween
  4. Too Many Pumpkins
  5. Trick or Treat Countdown
  6. The Vanishing Pumpkin
  7. The Ugly Pumpkin
  8. Can You See What I See?: On a Scary Scary Night: Picture Puzzles to Search and Solve
  9. The Bumpy Little Pumpkin
  10. Frankenstein Takes the Cake
  11. The Night Before Halloween
  12. Haunted Castle on Hallows Eve
  13. Room on the Broom
  14. Tucker’s Spooky Halloween
  15. Big Pumpkin
  16. How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin?
  17. Halloween Is…
  18. Halloween Night
  19. Where’s My Mummy?
  20. The Spooky Wheels on the Bus
  21. Skeleton Hiccups
  22. Peek-a-Boooo!
  23. All Hallows Eve: The Story of the Halloween Fairy
  24. Halloween Hustle
  25. Ten Timid Ghosts (Read With Me Paperbacks)
  26. The Berenstain Bears Trick or Treat (First Time Books)
  27. Pumpkin Soup: A Picture Book
  28. Goodnight Goon: a Petrifying Parody
  29. In the Haunted House
  30. Shake Dem Halloween Bones
  31. The 13 Nights of Halloween
  32. The Witches
  33. Campfire stories for kids
  34. How to catch a monster
  35. Scary stories to tell in the dark
  36. Bony Legs
  37. The little old lady who was not afraid of anything

I hope this list helped you find some new books to try out this year!

One quick note: you don’t have to buy a bunch of Halloween books to start this tradition. We have a library card that we get a lot of use out of. There’s even a convenient virtual option where you can checkout e-books.

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Tuesday 30th of July 2019

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