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Ways to create a calorie deficit

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Weight loss is actually very simple. It’s just a matter of calories in vs calories out. It’s literally as easy as creating a calorie deficit.

plate of fruit with hand weights and measuring tape

The trick is trying to figure out what a calorie deficit is for you specifically since we are all very different.

Furthermore, it can also be hard if you want to lose weight but you don’t want to track calories/macros at all.

It’s not impossible. It’s just the reason why other diets implement all types of crazy rules like eating at certain times or avoiding carbs after 4pm or even eliminating certain foods all together.

I am a big believer of the fact that it doesn’t have to be that hard.

So, let’s brainstorm…

Ways to create a calorie deficit:

  • Take a 30 minute walk every morning– This is as simple as walking away from your house in one direction for 15 minutes and then turning around and walking straight back.
  • Avoid all drinks except water– Juices, milks, and sodas add up quickly.
  • Incorporate strength training– Muscle takes more energy to maintain than fat. The more muscle mass you put on, the more calories you burn at rest.
  • Skip the fries and drink– It’s probably best to avoid fast food all together, BUT if you just don’t make it a combo you can save a lot of empty calories. If we ever go through McDonald’s we will order just the burger or just the nuggets.
  • Run faster– Just up the intensity a smidge on the treadmill or stair master. I love going 1 minute harder alternating with 1 minute at regular speed.
  • Run at an incline– Another option if you love treadmill workouts, is to increase the incline. Just be sure to avoid holding onto the hand rails so you get the maximum benefit..
  • Replace half your rice with cauli rice– Okay, cauliflower rice is not a perfect dupe. BUT, replacing half your rice with it isn’t bad at all and you save the carbs. We love doing something similar with mashed potatoes, plus it sneaks in extra veggies for the kiddos 😉
  • Eat breakfast– Eating breakfast itself doesn’t guarantee a deficit, BUT skipping breakfast or any meal for that matter means you are more likely to binge later OR eat empty calories. Why? Because you are probably too hungry to prepare a proper meal.
Lex from That Fit Fam eating breakfast

I know it sounds basic. But, this is the key to weight loss. Weight loss is the result of burning more calories than you are taking in.

Oftentimes we think we need to go extreme to see results. The truth is that just leads to burn out. It is not sustainable to go on like that forever. You may see success initially, but if you didn’t build up REALISTIC healthy habits that you can do day in and day out, you won’t maintain those results.

This list shows realistic ways you can burn more calories every day. They are not hard and they don’t burn extreme amounts of calories, but little by little it makes a difference.