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Protein Powder vs Real Food

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Protein powder vs real food? Ever wonder which is the better option for hitting your goals? Let’s talk about it.

me sitting on chair with premier protein shake in hand

Is protein powder real food?

Protein powder/shakes are derived from real food products. They are just the isolated grams of protein from a food without the added carbs, fat or other nutrients.

This can be helpful if you are on a low carb or low fat diet and need to watch your intake of those other macronutrients.

The negative to this is that you are possibly missing out on the other vitamins and minerals that are naturally in protein rich foods.

Which is better protein powder or real food?

Studies have shown that both whey protein and food protein are equally effective. Participants in this study saw the same fat loss and the same strength gains regardless of their protein source.

This is because your body does not digest or process supplemental protein any differently than it would protein found in a meat product.

Protein supplements are better for those who have a hard time hitting their protein goals, those who are on a low carb/low fat diet, or in instances when convenience is key.

As mentioned earlier, real food provides your body with essential nutrients not found in most protein supplements so it is important to have a varied diet.

Protein powder is meant as a supplement not as a complete protein food replacement.

Which protein supplements do we use?

We personally use a combination of protein supplements. We love the Pescience protein powder, the pure protein cans, and the premier protein cartons.

Scott has 1 can of pure protein mixed with Costco’s cold brew every day. I have a shake either with the powder or the pre-made premier protein about every other day. We both eat chicken, fish, beans, beef, etc as well.

For us, protein supplements are about convenience.

Some fitness influencers will have you believe you need to have a protein shake daily to see muscle gain, but it is not true. You can achieve the same results through diet.