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Healthy Desserts for Thanksgiving

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Healthy desserts for Thanksgiving that are satisfying and diet friendly.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. We finally do Thanksgiving with just our little family, which may not sound super cool, but it is so low stress–we love it! So, the Thanksgiving menu has really been on my mind a lot lately.

14 healthy desserts to bring to Thanksgiving! these are all diet friendly and a lot are #macrofriendly too!

I don’t mind indulging on the holidays BUT I also don’t see the point in eating an excessive amount of calories if I don’t have to. Like, if I can have mashed potatoes that are half potato & half cauliflower and it still tastes as good, but is a bit healthier than why not?

Same goes for dessert. If I can have some healthy/low calorie dessert options available that feel just as indulgent as the unhealthy stuff, then why not?

Obviously, there are some desserts that just aren’t meant to be made “healthy,” like pumpkin pie.

slice of pumpkin pie

I have never tried a “healthy” pumpkin pie that tastes as good as the real thing or is even passable. That swap is not worth it for me. In fact, I’ve even written a post about how to work real pumpkin pie with whipped cream into your macros on Thanksgiving.

Healthy Thanksgiving Desserts

In this compilation of desserts you will notice that a few are from us, but a lot are from other sites.

The truth is, there’s just not a lot of variation in our desserts at our home. We like what we like. So, I requested some help from my blogger friends to get some of their favorite healthier desserts to serve on Thanksgiving.

The good thing about low calorie desserts is that it leaves you more room from all the other yummy food! I think one of the foods I most look forward to is either this yogurt fruit salad or these pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting. Having lighter food options gives you the flexibility to indulge on other foods.

14 Healthy Desserts for Thanksgiving