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How to Lose Weight in 2 Weeks

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If your goal is to lose weight in 2 weeks without hardly trying I’m here to tell you it IS possible.

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I’ve managed to lose inches while just making simple changes. My stomach is looking more defined AND to top it all off, I’ve gained muscle in the areas I’ve been wanting to gain (my glutes! Thanks Strong Curves!).

I still am a huge supporter of IIFYM and believe that tracking will only help you reach your goals more quickly, but I have noticed a couple of easy tips and tricks that have helped me and my husband stay on target whether we are tracking or not.

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It really is as simple as calories in vs calories out. So, the easiest way to melt fat is to limit your calorie intake and obviously increase your calorie output. Those are the two points I am going to touch on in this post.

you can lose weight without trying! it sounds crazy, but a couple easy changes to your lifestyle can help you lose weight fast without too much more effort! make sure to add these changes asap!

Here are some easy ways to lose weight in just 2 weeks:

Calorie output.

Walk everywhere that is within 1 mile. I love doing this. It is so nice out. We live pretty centrally located. Our grocery store is only about a half mile away. It is not uncommon to see me load the kids in our BOB Double Stroller and run/walk to the store to grab a couple last minute ingredients.

When I used to work outside of the home, I would walk to lunch. Sometimes this would mean I’d have to bring it back & eat at my desk, but getting that fresh air was worth it!

If you have a date night to grab some froyo, walk to the frozen yogurt shop. Walk any chance you can!

Workout at least 30 minutes a day. You could do longer workouts every other day instead too. Whatever works for you.

Lift heavier weights when you work out. Really push yourself during your workouts. If it’s not difficult, then it’s not hard enough.

You should be lifting the maximum amount of weight you can, in order to complete your set with proper form. Basically if by your last couple reps it’s difficult, but you can still do it, that’s perfect.

Walk or run a little faster. Similar to the last point, if you’re a cardio gym goer, really push yourself. Go faster. I love starting in intervals. I will go faster for 2 minutes, then back to normal speed for 2, then fast again, etc.

Have active get togethers. If we are having people over for a barbecue, we LOVE yard games. Maybe a game of badminton or some croquet. Not only do you effortlessly burn more, you are pulled away from the food table so you eat less empty calories.

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Calorie Input.

Go for apple cider vinegar. I don’t believe in ACV as a metabolism booster, BUT I do think it helps reduce sugar cravings. When I drink ACV daily, my sugar cravings are gone. I dilute a small amount in a large glass of water and drink that every morning.

Get rid of processed foods. This one might be obvious, but it’s one we often dismiss. The problem is if it’s in your house, you’ll probably end up eating it. Getting rid of these foods will help you tons.

Go to the store after a work out (or walk to the store). If you do this, unhealthy foods will seem a whole lot less appealing. I know a candy bar is the last thing I want after a tough work out!

Drink 100 ounces of water a day. Getting in your water is so important to keep things moving. It’s also great for reducing bloat.

Avoid carbs at dinner time. I have absolutely nothing against carbs. I know they’re necessary. BUT let’s think about dinner time carbs for a minute. Most people go over the recommended portion size on rice and pasta. Those extra calories can really add up. If we just eliminate that at dinner, then you can pretty much eat carbs at every other meals without really worrying about going overboard. This is my favorite tip for making sure I don’t go over on my intake for the day.

Ditch the flavored beverages. I know. We love them. But again carb central, even fruit juices! Just drink some good old fashioned water and drink the flavored beverages very sparingly.

Eat all the fruit and veggies. Fruits & veggies are amazing for you. I especially love filling up on cantaloupe. Cantaloupe has hardly any calories and is very filling, not to mention rich in Vitamin A and C.

Follow your hunger cues. If you’re hungry eat. DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF. Your body needs fuel.

Go low fat. The keto diet is so popular right now and while I have heard weight loss success, I have also heard of people feeling lethargic. Your body needs carbs for energy. It needs fats too, but not in those extreme amounts.

The reason the keto diet works is because people lose a lot of water weight by eating less carbs since carbs hold onto water. Any weight loss that isn’t water weight comes from good old fashioned calorie restriction, not because you upped your fat intake.

Did you know there are 9 calories per gram of fat and only 4 calories per gram of carb? That means you can eat more volume if you ditch the high fat diet!

Spiralize your noodles. You shave off so many calories (mainly from carbs) by using zucchini noodles PLUS you still get the ultra satisfying pasta dish.

Aim for 1 serving of protein per meal. Protein keeps us feeling fuller, longer. Having a meal/snack with one serving of protein is a great way to address hunger and keep you fueled until your next meal so you’re not over-snacking on unhealthy “filler” foods.

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Go for dark chocolate. In my experience, dark chocolate satisfies chocolate cravings 10x earlier than milk chocolate.  The reason is this: “dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa helps to lower your cravings because the bitter taste signals the body to decrease your appetite” (read more here: Curb Chocolate Cravings in 1 Step).

Stock up on sugar-free jello. This is soo perfect to have in your fridge if you are a constant snacker. We love the Strawberry flavor best.

Don’t skip meals. Skipping meals can make it more likely that you snack on quicker, unhealthy options due to intense hunger later on.

If you want to lose weight without trying, those are my best tips! It has worked for me after 2 pregnancies when I didn’t want to track every food item I put in my mouth and it has worked for my husband.

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Let me know some of your favorite tips in the comments below!

you can lose weight without trying! it sounds crazy, but a couple easy changes to your lifestyle can help you lose weight fast without too much more effort! make sure to add these changes asap!