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Macro Friendly Breakfasts with NO EGGS

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Finding good macro friendly breakfasts is hard. The go to is eggs or egg whites, but that just gets really old, really fast.

collage of breakfast foods

I rarely eat eggs anymore. I think I had them too often at the beginning of my IIFYM journey.

The only way I’ll eat eggs now is if I’m making migas. Migas is scrambled eggs mixed with fried tortilla strips and onion that is then topped with salsa verde and served with my delish pureed black beans.

My favorite alternatives for breakfast right now are proats (protein oats) or a Greek yogurt partfait. In an attempt to expand my horizons, I am sharing 15 healthy breakfast ideas that aren’t eggs!

Macro Friendly (no egg) Breakfast Ideas

These are great breakfast ideas for when you are sick of eggs!

I hope that gave you the inspiration you needed if you are in a breakfast rut. Sometimes it’s hard to come up with new food ideas on your own. Let me know which of these recipes you try out in the comments or by tagging us on instagram: @thatfitfam